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Pfizer CentreOne is a leader in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing

A global CDMO embedded within Pfizer, Pfizer CentreOne focuses on custom APIs, sterile injectables and highly potent oral solid dosage forms; and we are a leading supplier of steroid and hormone APIs and intermediates. For more than 40 years, we’ve manufactured complex compounds for our biopharmaceutical partners, guiding their drugs safely from development through commercialization.

Our services

We concentrate on segments and specialties where we excel, while constantly seeking to expand our service offerings and manufacturing footprint to meet your needs. We currently provide:

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing:

• Small-molecule API synthesis

• Sterile injectables fill-finish

• Highly potent oral solid dose

API sourcing:

• Cortico- and hormonal steroids

• Prostaglandins

• Antibiotics

If you're calling from:

The Americas

• Custom API+1-269-833-2296 (U.S.)

• Sterile injectables+1-224-212-2267 (U.S.)

• Highly potent oral solid dose+1-224-212-2986 (U.S.)

• APIs & intermediates+1-269-833-2296 (U.S.)

Europe, Middle East, Africa

• Custom API+32-2-714-6502 (Belgium)

• Sterile injectables+32-2-714-6507 (Belgium)

• Highly potent oral solid dose+32-2-714-6507 (Belgium)

• APIs & intermediates+32-2-714-6502 (Belgium)

Asia Pacific

• Custom API+65-64190240 (Singapore)

• Sterile injectables+32-2-714-6507 (Belgium)

• Highly potent oral solid dose+81-569-74-4083 (Japan)

• APIs & intermediates+65-64190240 (Singapore)