The site in Freiburg, Germany manufactures about 4.5B tablets and capsules annually, supporting millions of patients all over the world. The site offers expertise in oral solid process and product development, flexible volume manufacturing, leading packaging technologies, and global delivery. Freiburg stands out as one of the most future-oriented and digitally enabled pharmaceutical production sites with industry 4.0 digital processes and state-of-the-art-technologies, computer integrated manufacturing, and fully automated process and material flow.

The largest manufacturing site in the Pfizer network is in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with facilities spanning a total area of 90 acres. The site has a long legacy of innovation, industrial safety, and regulatory compliance, as well as an industry leading sustainability program, and produces approximately 1 million kg of API and 10 million kg of intermediates every year. The American Chemical Society designated this facility a National Chemical Historic Landmark in recognition of its impact on steroid medicines.

The manufacturing site in Newbridge, Ireland offers specialized expertise in complex oral solids and capabilities ranging from pilot to commercial scale. The facility has over 25 years of experience in contract manufacturing and supplying medicines to patients around the globe. The site is 800-colleague strong, with 10,000+ years of collective expertise.  Newbridge is home to Technology Innovation Center which enables more efficient transfers, better processes, and a more robust, repeatable commercial supply.

The manufacturing site in Ascoli, Italy offers high quality pharmaceutical manufacturing in oral solids with specialization in highly potent medicines and high complexity management. For over 35 years, the site has expertly guided its customers’ compounds from development to commercial manufacture. Ascoli offers end-to-end services from product and process development for lab and pilot scale to full manufacturing scale. The team is experienced in launching innovative products as well as producing established medicines.