Donnchadh Murphy, Manufacturing & Packaging Operations, Supply Chain, Ireland

Pharmaceutical API and Intermediate development

Utilizing plant sterols, we ferment the early building blocks of cortico-steroids and hormonal steroids, which we convert to advanced intermediates and final APIs via proprietary organic synthesis routes.

With nearly all steps in-house, your supply chain is condensed and your commercial supply more secure. We don’t rely on another company to provide us with active pharmaceutical ingredients; we make them ourselves under Pfizer’s stringent quality system.

Technical and regulatory support

Whether you need a quick response on a regulatory issue or simply have a question about an active pharmaceutical ingredient impurity, you will have a dedicated team of technical and regulatory experts to support you for the life cycle of your compound. We are known for our prompt delivery of documentation, including: 

  • Safety data sheets
  • Stability reports
  • Regulatory open file
  • Declarations

We can deliver the documentation to you, or we can work directly with the regulator ourselves to offer you total peace of mind.

Read more on our Regulatory Support page

Jim Carr, Operations Lead, APIs & Intermediates, United States

Spotlight on Enviero™ Green Chemistry Progesterone

In 2018, Pfizer CentreOne introduced Enviero progesterone to the commercial API marketplace.  
Enviero is the first-of-its-kind, a green-chemistry progesterone that represents a step change in progesterone API synthesis. Developed over 12 years, Enviero is manufactured via a proprietary biocatalytic process based on plant sterols that reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of hazardous solvents. 
Efficiency and sustainability results have been exceptional, including cutting the carbon footprint of the progesterone manufacturing process by more than 70 percent and eliminating the use of metal catalysts.