Our goal is to provide you with an experience rooted in transparency, timely communication, and reliability. At Pfizer CentreOne, we strive to deliver on what we promise. Which is surprisingly refreshing.

You have invested time, energy and significant resources into your compound; we take the time to understand and deliver what you need to get your drug to market.

Our open and collaborative approach can help you open doors to new opportunities. You’ll work with a Pfizer CentreOne lead as your single point of contact, enlisting the right experts from Pfizer’s vast talent pool at the right time during your compound’s progression. This helps us ensure effective problem-solving and a more efficient path to market.

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Pfizer CentreOne helps simplify the customer journey

  • Ensures cross-functional support from start to finish
  • Creates effective lines of communication and coordination
  • Integrates information to improve decision making
  • Works with core team members to build strong relationships with customer counterparts fostering team accountability, ownership, and partnership
  • Provides formal program management which guarantees continuity throughout the commercial manufacture process


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Project management system and IP protection 

Our highly sophisticated project management system provides comprehensive prioritization, tracking, and notification of every project – and we have a foundation of shared attitudes and practices that ensure our customer's confidential information is properly safeguarded. 

Pfizer CentreOne’s Culture of Confidentiality is designed to keep your information secure. Our robust training program educates colleagues through the use of a simple tool—the acronym CARE: Controlled. Agreements. Rules. Education. We adhere to CARE in all of our projects.