Product Development and Oral Solids Manufacturing

Freiburg Site

The site in Freiburg, Germany manufactures about 4.5B tablets and capsules annually, supporting millions of patients all over the world.

The site offers expertise in oral solid process and product development, flexible volume manufacturing, leading packaging technologies, and global delivery. Freiburg stands out as one of the most future-oriented and digitally enabled pharmaceutical production sites with industry 4.0 digital processes and state-of-the-art-technologies, computer integrated manufacturing, and fully automated process and material flow.

Freiburg is home to Pfizer’s packaging Centre of Excellence which offers flexible packaging technologies coupled with high-speed packaging solutions. With the launch of the Freiburg Green Strategy, this is a pioneering site in lean and innovative manufacturing.

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About Freiburg

Leader within pharma for environmental protection and sustainability

155,000m2 campus with 80,000m2 of floor space

Employs ~1300 colleagues