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Time is life and experience is key with gene and cell therapy, so choosing the right CDMO partner is critical. 

With a global team of Pfizer gene and cell therapy scientists and manufacturing experts, we have the experience in developing and manufacturing scalable viral vectors across multiple serotypes, in a significant number of GMP batches with proven quality control.

Our extensive network of global regulatory experts, analytical and quality control engineers, means that we can help you overcome bottlenecks and troubleshoot. We are ready to help ensure your innovation reaches your patients fast.

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What makes Pfizer CentreOne's gene and cell therapy altogether different

Technical expertise

  • Global team of 70+ experienced Pfizer scientists
  • Global network of manufacturing, analytical and quality experts
  • Several years of experience from our Pfizer internal research & pipeline optimization 
  • Developing and manufacturing scalable viral vectors across multiple serotypes
  • Adherent and suspension cell culture process

Capability & quality

  • Clinical to commercial capability 
  • Single use mobile equipment 
  • Infrastructure to support multiple viral vectors
  • Industry leading yield & productivity ratios to meet the need of your targeted vector tissue
  • Batches ranging from 200-2000 liters
  • Over 40 GCP batches & 100+ transfections 

Time is life

Global network of Pfizer scientists, regulatory experts, and analytical & quality control engineers that help reduce:

  •   Waiting times for manufacturing suite access 
  •   Process scale-up time
  •   End-to-end process cycle time

Process development

Your gene and cell therapy is innovative and needs the right process development methods and analytical requirements to support this.

At Pfizer CentreOne we understand the importance of the right processes in meeting your critical development milestones. 

This is why your innovation will have the development support of not only our 70+ US based scientists, but also a global network of analytical and quality control engineers, as well as regulatory experts who can support you along your journey.


With approximately 300,000 sq ft of state of the art gene and cell manufacturing in North Carolina - USA, we are ready to meet your needs. We use single use mobile equipment to enable rapid turnover and platform customization. 

We have the capabilities of industry leading yield and productivity ratios to help meet the need for your targeted vector tissue; with batches ranging from 200 -2000L. Together with filling, packaging and cold chain storage & shipping solutions.

This is how our Pfizer CentreOne value chain is designed to help you scale up your gene and cell therapy innovations from clinical to commercialization.

State of the art facilities



Our primary site in Sanford - North Carolina, USA:

  • Employs over 1,400 colleagues

  • 35 years in operation

  • Highly skilled workforce with patient focused culture

  • Sustainably-focused energy and utility systems

  • Warehousing with multiple temperature storage conditions


Our science experts

Jordan Hjelmquist



Commercial Lead for Gene Therapy Drug Product Operations

Jordan leads the Commercial Gene Therapy Drug Product Operations team at the Sanford, North Carolina Pfizer Global Supply Facility. He oversees a team of talented Supervisors, Managers and Bio-Process Technicians that manufacture commercial and some clinical Gene Therapy products in the Pfizer portfolio.

Jordan holds a BSc Degree in Biomedical Engineering from North Carolina State University

Bianca Bracht



Global Lead in Supply Manufacturing for Clinical Gene Therapy

Bianca oversees a team responsible for the project management, tech transfer, and end-to-end manufacturing of clinical gene therapy products. Indications of products she has been directly involved with include Hemophilia, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, and Wilson’s Disease.

Bianca holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering as well as a Global Executive MBA from Duke University. 

Helena Vitello

helena 2


Senior Manager, Analytical Technologies

Helena leads the Analytical testing team and support numerous teams across the process, including  the MSAT team with routine and characterization testing, manufacturing team with investigations and non-GMP testing, and Quality control team with investigations, as well as method troubleshooting and redevelopment activities.

Helena holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania

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