Oral Solid Doses

Making the complex


When it comes to your oral solid dose project, making the complex simple to help meet your needs is our speciality. 

By partnering with the global Pfizer network of scientific experts, we provide you with the expertise necessary to successfully develop and manufacture high-quality oral solid dose products - including highly potent, cytotoxic, controlled and immunosuppressant drugs.

Helping propel your project from early clinical to commercialization with simplicity, you're backed by a global infrastructure of state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies and decades of experience in oral solid dose manufacturing & packaging.


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Making the complex, simple:
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Uncover unique insights from global Pfizer OSD scientists and manufacturing experts on the
challenges facing your journey to market.

Discover how to navigate these complexities with confidence to bring your product to patients
on time, without delay.

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Find out how Pfizer CentreOne is ready to help meet your complex OSD needs, seamlessly and simply

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What makes Pfizer CentreOne’s complex oral solid dose capabilities altogether different?

Expertise in handling the complex

  • A global team of scientific experts with an average tenure of 14 years in oral solid dose manufacturing
  • Decades of experience in high-quality and complex tablet and capsule manufacturing – including highly potent, hormones, cytotoxic and low bioavailability drugs
  • A global network of state-of-the-art OEB 1-5 facilities harnessing specialized technologies including laser drilling, multilayer coating, sublingual capabilities and orally disintegrating tablets
  • Successfully manufactured and overcame complexity in over 150+ markets globally

Reliability and quality

  • To streamline your project’s journey to market we provide services designed to help foster reliability through a "right first time" approach
  • A strong track record of quality for trusted reliability, delivering on time in full for our customers with no critical observations by the FDA in our OSD site history 
  • A robust tech transfer process helps ensure a fast start, while our process analytical technology aims to increase efficiency and reduce cost helping your product accelerate through key milestones
  • To help ensure supply chain reliability, each of the companies in our vast supply chain are evaluated carefully for risk and their business continuity track record

Simplicity in scale and scope

  • Support from your oral solid dosage project’s early clinical phases to propel your project through to commercialization
  • Volume flexibility to help support all market sizes, along with late stage customization for bottle and blister presentation, enabling bright stock and supply on demand
  • Transparent communication leveraging operational excellence protocols for real-time data sharing at every stage of your project
  • Capabilities across a variety of coating and release profiles along with various forms of capsules, pellets and tablets

Oral solid dose development

Pfizer CentreOne development support team with regulatory intelligence for more than 150 countries; to help you navigate the complexity of compliance and regulatory requirements around the globe.

Throughout the development of your oral solid dosage project, our focused studies, advanced analytical technologies and methodologies enable us to help streamline our processes at every stage to align with current industry standards and aim to ensure the success of your project.

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Oral solid dose manufacturing

We leverage Pfizer’s expertise and in-depth understanding of the complexity involved in oral solid dose manufacturing, enabling us to quickly identify solutions for any issues that may arise throughout your project.

With a wide range of OSD platform manufacturing and packaging formats, our services are designed to help provide the optimum balance between product customization and effective and reliable supply to help meet your unique needs.


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Meet our oral solid dose experts

Rossella Bruni

Rosella Bruni


Site Lead, Ascoli

Rossella Bruni has been the Pfizer Site Lead and AD of Pfizer Italia SrL at the Ascoli, Italy, site since May 2022.

She has been with Pfizer for over 23 years starting as a Technical Services Project Manager through a postgraduate internship and since then has moved across several job rotations in different roles of increasing responsibilities in Quality and Operations. In 2014 Rossella was appointed as Operations Lead, increasing her responsibility in 2017 with the Technical Services Leadership in addition to the Operations. She was appointed as Supply Chain & OPEx Leader in 2020 before taking on her role as site lead today.

Rossella’s credentials include a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification and APICS Certifications (Basic on Supply Chain Management; Certified Supply Chain Professional).​

Ard Lura

Ard Lura


Process Manager (PPD), Freiburg

Ard Lura is responsible for the development and manufacturing of solid dosage forms for new drug products of Pfizer. He represents Product and Process Development (PPD) on the global development team and leads project work at site, including tech transfer, scale-up, process optimization and clinical manufacturing.

With a PhD in pharmaceutical technology from the institute of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, University of Duesseldorf, Ard has an outstanding amount of scientific acumen. Ard also spent a number of years in the manufacturing and development department of InfectoPharm in Heppenheim. Where he was responsible for the galenic development of new products and life cycle management of commercial products in cooperation with various national and international CDMO/CMOs.

Kentaro Yoshimoto

Kentaro Yoshimoto


Pfizer CentreOne site lead, Nagoya

Since September 2020, Kentaro has been the Pfizer CentreOne lead at the Nagoya site. Kentaro has led many complex projects and helped develop the new CMO business model at in Nagoya that’s is currently benefiting customers.

With Pfizer prior to this role, Kentaro enjoyed a long association as a marketer in a key leadership role, managing the portfolio of a number of products. His experience also incorporates supply chain management where he led a SAP implementation project which was the 1st time for a Japanese Pharmaceutical company to have a single instance model as Demand Planner. Kentaro holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering and an MBA.