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Pfizer expands its major manufacturing network in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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As we explore more ways to offer greater capabilities and increased manufacturing capacity for our partners, we are excited to announce our latest investment into our Kalamazoo facility.

Our Michigan facility is one of our largest manufacturing sites, with the ability to produce 1 million kilograms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and 10 million kilograms of intermediates every year.

Enhancing our aseptic processing capabilities

This $465 million investment into Kalamazoo will play a key role in allowing us to enhance our modular aseptic processing (MAP) production capabilities.

Aseptic manufacturing was a key focus for Pfizer throughout the pandemic, particularly across mRNA projects. That’s why this latest investment allows us to build a technologically advanced aseptic manufacturing system, complete with equipment and functional design, into our Kalamazoo facility.

Expanding on our previous investment

Our investment of $120 million into Kalamazoo in June 2022 provided us with greater capabilities and support in the production of Pfizer’s oral antiviral drug Paxlovid.

The impact of this investment is ongoing, as we continue to expand the production of APIs and regulatory starting materials (RSMs) used to manufacture a key component of Paxlovid, Nirmatrelvir. 

Overall, the expansion of our Kalamazoo site allows us to strengthen our U.S. manufacturing base and play a key role in meeting the growing demand for APIs and biologics.

Most importantly, the investment will help us in our mission to get life-changing medicines to patients in need.

This expansion will also create around 300 job opportunities in the local community and allows us to contribute to the region's economic growth.

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