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David Farrar

Technology Specialist
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Experience the Art of Science - David Farrar's story

‘Experience the Art of Science’ is a bold new campaign for our development services offering focused on the creative thinking and novel approaches that go into our work. The campaign is represented visually using macro shots of real scientific images that look like abstract art.

To bring this theme to life, we have spoken to scientists on our team to find out exactly what ‘Experience the Art of Science’ means to them – both in their work and outside of work.

In our latest ‘Experience the Art of Science’ series, we meet David Farrar, Technology Specialist at our Newbridge facility and a piano player.

David playing the piano
David play the piano

How are you innovative in your role at Pfizer?

“Innovation and creative thinking play an important part in my role. I work as a Technology Specialist at Pfizer Newbridge and this gives me the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies and developing new processes for products. At Newbridge, the culture of innovation can be felt throughout the site. New products and processes are brought to life by creative team members who are encouraged to use innovation as our catalyst for change.”

How are you creative outside of work?

“Since I was six years old, I have played the piano and still continue to do so 20 years later. I play anything that interests me, from Beethoven to The Beatles, I enjoy it all the same. Music is both an art and a science, derived from mathematics and logic, combined with innovation and creative thinking to make something that can be enjoyed by everyone.”  

What does ‘art of science’ mean to you?   

“For me, the Art of Science really means utilizing artistry for scientific progress. Innovation is the key driver for change and that is what keeps us moving forward. Science cannot advance without the generation of new ideas, and new ideas cannot be generated without creative thinking.”


David at Pfizer Newbridge
David at Pfizer Newbridge











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