Experience the Art of Science - Stefano Petracci's story

Author: Stefano Petracci, Technical Service / New Product Introduction Project Manager

Apr 2021

‘Experience the Art of Science’ is a bold new campaign for our development services offering focused on the creative thinking and novel approaches that go into our work. The campaign is represented visually using macro shots of real scientific images that look like abstract art.

To bring this theme to life, we have spoken to scientists on our team to find out exactly what ‘Experience the Art of Science’ means to them – both in their work and outside of work. 

In our latest ‘Experience the Art of Science’ blog post, we meet Stefano Petracci, Technical Project Manager at our Ascoli facility and an accomplished artist. 

What inspires you in your role at Pfizer? 

My work as an artist has definitely inspired me to take a creative and open-minded approach in my role at Pfizer. I work on technology transfers in and out of the Ascoli site and I use this innovative mindset to help optimize and improve procedures. I find new ways to work and always take a fresh approach to what I do whilst always remaining within the specified procedural parameters.

How are you creative outside of work? 

Since 1996, I have been a keen artist, starting with ink drawings before moving on to watercolor painting. I then began creating acrylics and enamels of local landscapes on large canvases that are technically inspired by ‘action painting’ - a style of painting in which paint is spontaneously splashed onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. My art has led me to collaborate with Italian newspapers as an author and designer of satirical cartoons and my canvas art has also been exhibited across Italy, as well as Stockholm and Canterbury (UK). My inspiration is what I see around me, particularly the colors of the landscapes in central Italy around the Marche, Tuscany and Rome. These colors provide the backdrop to the action paintings I create.


Stefano in his studio





What does ‘art of science’ mean to you? 

Just like a new piece of art, I see a new technology transfer project as a blank canvas. In the same way I draw upon my perspective to bring my ideas to life in a painting, every member of the technology transfer team must add their perspective and expertise to bring a new project to life. Both endeavours require an open-mind and the need to ask yourself ‘is this the best way?’


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