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First-of-its-kind progesterone synthesis reduces impact to the environment

  • More than 70% reduction in carbon footprint versus our traditional process
  • No metal catalysts

Enviero progesterone is the first compound to be launched from Pfizer CentreOne’s Enviero green-chemistry program.

Validated process

Enviero progesterone has been used by Pfizer as an intermediate in the manufacture of its own medications for the past six years, with more than 580 metric tons produced to date.

A step change in progesterone API manufacturing

Developed over 12 years, our technology transforms the way progesterone is produced to reduce the impact of its manufacture on the environment. Based on plant sterols, our proprietary biocatalytic process eliminates metal catalysts and reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions and use of hazardous solvents.

A reliable supply of high-quality progesterone for your medicines

We manufacture Enviero progesterone “from scratch” in the United States at our Kalamazoo, Michigan facility. With all processing steps in-house, your supply chain is condensed and your commercial supply, secure. Pfizer continually invests in the site – $1B in the last 10 years alone – to improve infrastructure and processes. And like all our APIs, Enviero progesterone is produced under Pfizer’s stringent quality management system, backed by technical and regulatory support for the life of your compound.