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Listening. Solving. Guiding.

At each of our facilities, we collaborate with you. We provide the personal attention you need, supported by Pfizer’s quality, technology and resources.

Intelligent collaboration with Pfizer CentreOne.

More collaboration, better solutions.

We have carefully selected our manufacturing facilities around the globe to meet your needs. These sites have the knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to working with our contract manufacturing partners.

Kalamazoo, MI, USA (SI)

Sterile Injectables

• Aseptic fill-finish

• Vial-filling for small and large molecules; lyophilization; sterile suspensions; and hormones and steroids with dedicated line

• Dedicated onsite technical, manufacturing science, regulatory affairs and quality teams

• Onsite API process experts

• Packaging center of excellence

• Vertically integrated with API contract manufacturing

Nagoya, Japan

Highly Potent Solids


• Highly potent oral solid dosage forms

• Highly active compounds, immunosuppressants, sensitizers and controlled drugs in tablet and capsule form

• cGMP state-of-the-art high-containment building

• 50+ years of manufacturing experience in Japan

• Deep knowledge of Japanese standards for inspection and packaging

• Onsite custom-packaging design team

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Melbourne, Australia

Sterile Injectables

• Aseptic fill-finish

• Vial-filling of cytotoxic and potent compounds, highly potent liposomal formulations and monobactams

• Small-volume lyophilization (non-cytotoxic)

• Onco-Tain™ vial containment packaging

• Onsite R&D and manufacturing science & technology capabilities

Zagreb, Croatia

Sterile Injectables

• Aseptic fill-finish

• Biologics in prefilled syringes

Newbridge, Ireland

Highly Potent Solids

• Highly potent oral solid dosage forms

• Non-cytotoxic highly active compounds, hormones, immunosuppressants, sensitizers and controlled drugs in tablet, capsule and pellet form

• Specialized technologies for active coatings, low-dosage formulations and controlled/extended release

• Integrated cGMP pilot/development facility for phase 2b-3 compounds

• cGMP state-of-the-art high-containment buildings

Rocky Mount, NC, USA

Sterile Injectables

• Terminal sterilization and aseptic fill-finish

• Small molecules; potent and controlled drugs; diluents; vials, prefilled syringes and ampoules

• Pfizer’s terminal sterilization center of excellence

Kalamazoo, MI, USA (API)

Custom API

• Complex organic API synthesis; milling and micronizing

• Large-scale fermentation up to 150,000-liter scale

• Fermentation and cGMP chemistry pilot plants

• Vertically integrated with sterile injectables contract manufacturing