Pfizer CentreOne enters the ring with vibrant new API & Intermediates campaign

Author: Jen Griffin, Global Customer Engagement Senior Marketing Manager

Feb 2021

Pfizer CentreOne, the global pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) embedded within Pfizer, has launched a vibrant new campaign for its API & Intermediates supply offering with the theme of ‘In Your Corner’.

The campaign emphasises the importance of balancing API supply chain risks and having an API supplier that is experienced, trusted and always ‘in your corner’ to ensure the vital supply of APIs for the manufacture of key medicines. This theme is represented visually using sports-based imagery from the boxing ring and the soccer field, highlighting customers as the protagonists of the story who are backed up on the side-lines by a trusted coach, advisor and partner who they can fall back on to help them when they need.

‘In Your Corner’ brings to life the extensive experience of Pfizer CentreOne’s API & Intermediates supply services and puts its world-leading facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan at center stage. The CDMO offers comprehensive range of complex API compounds and intermediates for drug product developers and manufacturers.

Jen Griffin, Global Customer Engagement Marketing Manager said: “’In Your Corner’ is a bold campaign with striking imagery that really makes you stop and think about the issues we’re highlighting around supply chain security and vulnerability. The black and white execution is something very different in the industry and we’re excited to see how it’s received and the conversations it will start.”

“Diversification of your supply chain has never been more important and with shifting industry dynamics, now is the time for companies to consider that a diverse supply chain adds to your ability to be agile and enables you to better meet the needs of your customers. We look forward to seeing how we can partner with companies to ensure more medicines can reach patients on time.”- Andrew Anderson, API & Intermediates Lead.

The campaign will launch officially in February 2021 across LinkedIn and trade media channels.

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