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CMO Leadership Awards 2022: Pfizer CentreOne Wins for Sixth Consecutive Year

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What does it mean for your organization to be selected for this award?

These awards - our sixth win in a row - are an endorsement of Pfizer CentreOne’s ongoing commitment to excellence and being a trusted CDMO partner of choice; a testament to the hard work of our colleagues. At Pfizer CentreOne, we’re a CDMO that delivers true breakthroughs for our partners by offering compelling science through our unrivaled expertise and resources. This year’s win reflects our ability to do this, offering our partners and the patients they serve the assurance that we can meet their unique needs.

Does this affect your relationship with your existing or prospective clients? If yes, how?

For our existing partners, this award will serve to strengthen our relationships as it is proof of the quality of our client support, giving them the confidence that our partnership is right for them. Our dedication to their long term success grows stronger each day as we help them progress through their drug development and manufacturing journeys, and this award shows the scale of our commitment. When it comes to our prospective partners, this year’s win showcases what we’re capable of, and most importantly that we deliver on what we promise to an award-winning standard.

What other comments do you have regarding the CMO Leadership Awards?

I think these awards showcase the hard work, capabilities and achievements of companies and teams working throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Across all the categories, these awards highlight the scale of innovation and progress that are currently being made, driving the sector forward at a rapid pace.