Pfizer CentreOne's Partnership Promise

Author: Andrew Moore, General Manager

Sep 2020

Strong commercial partnerships are based on trust and lasting relationships. For this reason, organizational changes can be unsettling. What will the new leader bring? What impact will the change have on my partnership? These are valid questions that should be addressed.

As incoming General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne, I wanted to take this opportunity to renew our partnership promise. For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting to know the people who make your medicines, whether they are APIs, drug substance and/or drug products.

It’s clear to me that as a team Pfizer CentreOne is more capable than ever to help navigate uncertainty and keep your programs on track.

A Shared Commitment to Patients

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the impact pharma can have on patients and the role we play as commercial partners in helping deliver access to safe and effective medicines.

We’re demonstrating our commitment to pharma’s common-cause response to the pandemic. Pfizer’s well publicized 5-Point Plan opens any excess manufacturing capacity to support other pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to put life-saving medicines into the hands of patients as quickly as possible. Under my leadership, we will remain committed to the purpose we share with our partners - to deliver medicines that change patients’ lives.

CDMO Partner of Choice

Pfizer CentreOne’s aspiration is to become the CDMO partner of choice. The industry remains highly competitive and the expectations being placed on partners are extremely high. As they should be.

To meet and exceed those expectations, I am committed to upholding the central tenets of our customer experience - timely communication, transparency, and reliability.

What matters is not only what and when we deliver, but also how we deliver. I will stay close to the Voice of Customer program that surveys customers along their Pfizer CentreOne journey to ensure that our business reacts to customer feedback. We will continue to simplify the interface our customers have with the organization to make communication simpler and more effective. We will also remain focused on sharing key metrics with our customers to drive transparency.

In 2020, Pfizer CentreOne received the Life Science Leader and Outsourced Pharma CMO Leadership Award for the fourth consecutive year, recognizing our strong customer commitments. I will continue our dedication to the Partner of Choice vision.

Intelligent Collaboration

After many years in marketing and sales, my first question is always centered on the value proposition. This was the question I posed to my Pfizer CentreOne team, and Intelligent Collaboration was the answer. What does it mean? To me it means that Pfizer CentreOne offers unprecedented access to Pfizer’s world-leading global network of manufacturing facilities as well as its scientific expertise, technical capabilities, quality systems and regulatory support. I am so impressed by the people I have met during my onboarding. Their commitment is palpable, and their knowledge is unparalleled. Our customers can leverage their creative energy and years of experience to solve some of the toughest development and manufacturing challenges.

Our Partner Promise

Martin Luther King, one of the leaders I most admire, once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.”

It is at the moments of challenge that values-driven leadership comes into play. It means that Pfizer CentreOne will always make decisions that align with our values – equity, excellence, courage and joy.

Our common values are the beacon that guides us in response to today’s challenges. I share these values and pledge to adhere to them and motivate our team at Pfizer CentreOne to do the same.

I hope that when next September comes around, and I reflect on my first year on the job, I will say confidently to myself and to you that we delivered on our partner promise. Until then, I look forward to all that lies ahead and the many successes we will have together!