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Jenica Batt

Business Process Compliance and Training Curriculum Lead
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Culture of Confidentiality: Our Promise to Customers

When speaking to potential customers, we often encounter the misconception that partnering with an embedded CDMO like Pfizer CentreOne puts your intellectual property (IP) at risk. Yet this is not at all the case.
At Pfizer CentreOne, protecting customer information has always been and remains a top priority. Security and trust are critical to our business.  We care about our customers and are committed to helping their medicines reach patients. We take safeguarding their information seriously and are constantly improving and updating our procedures, not just to meet standards but to go beyond them. All colleagues who may come into contact with a customer’s intellectual property participate in our robust training program.
As part of our commitment to improvement, we are rolling out one of the largest e-learning programs on confidentiality in the history of Pfizer CentreOne. Our new training program will be delivered to all manufacturing colleagues in over 25 of our facilities. Translated into eight languages, the global training is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure confidentiality is rooted within our culture and second nature in our everyday work. GMP Training Leads located at our manufacturing sites are embedded in the process and will assist in the roll out.
Ongoing education is critical to integrating the culture of confidentiality. The e-learning sets the foundation and is followed by yearly refreshers, video case studies, sharing of practical examples in team meetings, and commitment statements by our leadership. To highlight the importance of understanding our Culture of Confidentiality, our colleagues use an easy-to-remember acronym, CARE:
        C stands for Controlled. Confidential information is stored in an isolated place.
        A stands Agreements. Always follow the parameters defined in our Confidentiality Agreements with our customers.
        R stands for Rules. Follow the rules outlined in our company policies and corporate guidance documents.
        E stands for Education. Our robust training program is designed to educate and refresh our colleagues’ understanding of our confidentiality culture to ensure our customers’ IP are protected.
Through our ongoing program and a deep-rooted culture of confidentiality, we are confident in our team’s commitment to protect customer intellectual property.