Pfizer CentreOne Manufacturing Site in Ascoli, Italy

Made with intelligent collaboration

Backed by Pfizer resources, we have the expertise, flexibility and scale to deliver both clinical and commercial supply.  

Our oral solids network includes sites in: 

  • Germany (Freiburg) 
  • Ireland (Newbridge)  
  • Italy (Ascoli) 
  • Japan (Nagoya) 

Flexible oral solid dose manufacturing 

Pfizer CentreOne collaborates with you to take your compound from scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

We have integrated cGMP pilot facilities dedicated to process optimization, clinical drug manufacturing, and scale-up technology transfers.  

Our experts take an innovative and collaborative approach to redesign and optimize manufacturing processes wherever possible.

We work with you to produce your products reliably at a large scale, as efficiently as possible. 


We deliver multi-product and high containment solutions and manufacturing technologies including: 

  • OEB 1-5 manufacturing with fully segregated suites
  • Specialized solid dose delivery technologies (e.g. active coating, laser drilling) 
  • Complex processes (e.g. controlled drugs, multi-particulates low dose/high dose compounds) 
  • Primary and secondary packaging, pouching, serialization, and aggregation 
  • Advanced process capabilities (e.g. real time release testing) 

Clinical Phases to Lifecycle Management 


Compound classifications

  • Highly active compounds 
  • Immunosuppressants 
  • Sensitizers 
  • Hormones 
  • Controlled drugs 
  • Cytostatics/Cytotoxics

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Dry granulation 
  • Roller compaction 
  • Wet granulation 
  • Fluid bed granulation 
  • High shear granulation 
  • Wet & dry milling 
  • Extrusion/Spheronization 
  • Hot melt extrusion 
  • Compression 
  • Encapsulation 
  • Film coating 
  • Sugar coating 
  • Active coating 
  • Solvent coating 
  • Fluid bed coating 
  • Branding/Printing 
  • Automated inspection 
  • Serialization

Delivery technologies

  • Capsules
    • Immediate-release 
    • Modified-release 
    • Powder-filled 
    • Pellet-filled 
  • Pellets
    • Immediate-release 
    • Modified-release 
    • Enteric-coated
  • Tablets
    • Immediate-release 
    • Modified-release 
    • Fast-dissolve 
    • Bi-layer 
    • Active-coated 
    • Sugar-coated 
    • Dual-active overcoat 
    • Laser tablet drilling 

Global supply chain services

  • Serialization/track-and-trace programs 
  • Primary and secondary packaging development 
  • On-site regulatory experts 
  • Gateway services for EU and Japanese markets, including quality release support and multi-lingual secondary packaging, labelling and package inserts 

Primary and secondary packaging

  • Packaging Centers of Excellence for bottle, blister and pouching 
  • Automated lines 
  • High-volume and flexible-run packaging 
  • OEB 1-5 (OEL 10,000-0.01 μg/m3) 
  • Cold-forming and thermoforming capability 
  • Containment control (i.e. packaging of hormone and highly potent products) 
  • Packaging on demand 
  • Humidity control 
  • State-of-the-art inspection technologies