Pfizer CentreOne Manufacturing Site in Freiburg, Germany

Intelligent collaboration with Pfizer CentreOne 

Our experts collaborate with you to optimize your formulation and processes, working to reduce downstream risk wherever possible. 

We have used our development expertise to overcome many technical challenges for our customers over the years, including: 

  • Content uniformity for low-dose products 
  • Solving coating challenges 
  • Resolution of process issues (e.g. tablet sticking or cracking) 
  • Hard-to-procure commodities that could threaten launch timelines 
  • Unexpected or unidentified impurities in the API 
  • APIs that require complex processes

Range of Services: Clinical Phases to Lifecycle Management

Clinical Phases

  • Development & manufacturing
  • Technical transfer
  • Formulation optimization
  • Scale-up/validation


  • CMC preparation
  • Final package
  • Pre-approval inspection


  • Drug to market
  • Production efficiency studies

Lifecycle Management

  • Cold-chain management
  • Supply/distribution
  • Drug delivery expansion

Capabilities at a glance

Oral Solids

  • Early stage formulation development
  • Process validation and optimization
  • Full development of analytical methods 
  • Scale-up from lab to pilot to commercial
  • Specification development
  • Regulatory support - pre and post-launch
  • Clinical manufacturing Ph I - III
  • Full range of OEB 1-5 
  • Tablets, Capsules, Granules
  • Controlled substances (III - IV)