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Lyophilization is a challenge. We’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

Lyophilized product development and manufacturing is complex. Each drug demands a customized cycle. For example, while a particular lyo cycle may cause one compound to lyophilize into a beautiful cake, the same cycle may cause a different compound to exhibit cake collapse. Proper cycle design requires not only careful consideration a drug’s formulation and attributes, but also lyophilizer capability.

Scale-up is also challenging. At commercial scale, equipment may behave differently, stoppers may stick, vials may break, and the way compounds freeze may change, even if all went well in the lab.

You need an expert who knows how to finesse the lyophilization process to match the needs of your unique compound.

Still in development?

We can help you develop or adjust your formulation and processes to achieve successful, reliable results with an optimal lyo cycle.

Already on the market?

We can explore ways to optimize your lyo cycle to increase efficiencies and lower costs.

Need to safeguard your current lyophilization process?

Our robust tech transfer process maintains consistency and quality.

Whatever your goals, you can count on our dedicated lyophilization team.

We’ve tackled some of the most difficult compounds to lyophilize, including a wide variety of biologics (peptides, hormones, nucleic acids and vaccines) and highly potent compounds. If you entrust your compound with us, we will create a lyophilization manufacturing process that moves your drug rapidly along the pathway to market.

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