Pfizer CentreOne Newsletter January 2021 Edition

Dear Partners,

By any measure, 2020 was a very difficult year. Covid-19 claimed the lives of more than a million people worldwide. National shutdowns brought job losses, business closures, and furthered existing social disparities. Lack of childcare options and the transition to remote learning prompted many women to exit the workforce, potentially reversing decades of progress in gender equality. The inability to see loved ones and participate in communal events made people feel isolated. All of us can probably add our personal stories to the long list of challenges that the passing year has posed.

But 2020 also brought us a lot to be proud of. It showed the strength and resilience of humanity, from the heroic actions of frontline health workers and dedication of educators, to communities coming together to help their most vulnerable members. As a Pfizer colleague, I am incredibly proud of our organization’s work to develop a Covid-19 vaccine under accelerated timelines and of the ongoing efforts to make the vaccine available to the world’s population. Pfizer CentreOne provided API and manufactured Covid-19 treatments for other pharmaceutical companies, as many successful partnerships were forged during the pandemic. We can all take pride in similar moments of courage and collaboration in our organizations. 

As I reflect on 2020, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. At Pfizer CentreOne, we are proud of the trust you placed in our organization, whether it’s for securing your API or intermediates supply, or developing and commercializing your products. Together with you, we drew inspiration from our purpose to help patients in need, and that has never been more important than it is now. I’d like to recognize our teams for their dedication and hard work, despite the significant personal challenges posed by the pandemic. Special recognition goes to Pfizer Global Supply partners whose efforts to secure uninterrupted supply of medicines have been truly heroic.

We typically have multiple opportunities to meet each other throughout a year. 2020 brought in-person events to an abrupt halt, yet we managed to stay connected. Many of you joined Pfizer CentreOne’s first virtual event, Delivering in Oral Solids, and found this new way of learning about our business helpful. Some joined our virtual due diligence tours which brought our sites directly to you. This customer newsletter is a first for us as well, and we hope that you find it informative. Staying in close touch with our partners is important to us and we are committed to doing so in engaging and fresh ways.

As we begin 2021, I am inspired by the possibilities. My hope is that we will continue to work with greater agility and focus, expand industry partnerships, and accelerate the timelines for developing cures for the world’s most significant diseases. Our business will continue to focus on our core platforms – supplying high quality APIs and intermediates, and delivering development, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise in small molecule API, large molecule biologics, oral solids, and sterile injectables. We will also continue to expand access for our customers. One example is our newly constructed biotechnology center in Hangzhou, China that facilitates entry into this important market. Together with commercial developments, we will be focused on delivering outstanding customer experience and fulfilling our promise of being the Partner of Choice.

As you reflect on this challenging year, I hope you feel as much pride as I do for everything that we’ve accomplished together. I’d also like to wish you and your families good health for the year ahead.

I look forward to growing our partnership in the future.


Andrew Moore
General Manager, Pfizer CentreOne


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