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Need to manufacture your drug in Japan?

Learn about in-country manufacturing at our

Nagoya, Japan, manufacturing site

Newbridge, Ireland, facility

Compound classifications

  • Highly active compounds
  • Hormones
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Sensitizers
  • Controlled drugs

Solid dose manufacturing capabilities

Dry granulation Film coating Compression
Wet granulation Sugar coating Encapsulation
Roller compaction Active coating Branding/Printing
Extrusion/Spheronization Solvent coating Automated inspection
Wet & dry milling Fluid bed coating Serialization

Delivery technologies

Capsules Pellets Tablets
Immediate-release capsules Immediate-release pellets Immediate-release tablets
Modified-release capsules Modified-release pellets Modified-release tablets
Powder-filled capsules Enteric-coated pellets Fast-dissolve tablets
Pellet-filled capsules Bilayer tablets
Active-coated tablets
Sugar-coated tablets
Dual-active overcoat tablets

Containment technologies for OEB-1 through OEB-5

diagram: Containment Technologies for OEB-1 through OEB-5

Regulatory overview

We produce 150+ formulations that are approved to supply to 100+ global markets. We have established regulatory approvals around the globe, including the U.S. FDA (United States), EMA (European Union), ANVISA (Brazil) and PMDA (Japan).