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APIs and intermediates.

We can perform almost any kind of chemistry you need.

Our Capabilities:
Custom API

API synthesis processes:

  • Fermentation and bioprocessing
    • From shake flask to 150,000 liters
  • Organic synthesis including
    • Hydrogenation
    • Cryogenic processing
    • Organometallic reactions
  • Particle sizing including
    • Milling and micronizing
  • High-potency synthesis

Batch sizes:

  • From 100 grams to 3+ metric tons

Compound types:

  • Most small molecules excluding cytotoxics, penicillins and betalactams

Analytical development:

  • cGMP-compliant laboratories
  • Full suite of analytical tools
  • Method development services
  • Structure elucidation

Manufacturing locations:

  • Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
  • Cork, Ireland
    • Ringaskiddy
    • Little Island

Capabilities by site:

Capabilities / Facilities U.S. site Cork, Ireland, sites
Kalamazoo, MI Ringaskiddy Little Island