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Title Source Date
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API roundtable - Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Pharm Outsourcing September, 2019
Exploring best-practice manufacturing strategies for highly potent oral solid dosage forms - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pharma Manufacturing August, 2019
“In Safe Hands” Pharma Tech - 30 year anniversary Q&A Pharmtech August, 2019
The Embedded CDMO Q&A with JoyL Silva Pfizer CentreOne April, 2019
CDMO market trends and dynamics Pfizer CentreOne April, 2019
EHS is the new GMP - Speciality Chemicals Speciality Chemicals April, 2019
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Insight from an expert: a chemist's secrets to efficient API scale-up Pharmaceutical Online June, 2018
Pfizer's drivers for manufacturing: new tech and regulators Outsourced Pharma April, 2018
Is your biologic at risk for protein aggregation? Part 1 — Causes of protein aggregation and the role of stress testing Outsourced Pharma March, 2018
Is your biologic at risk for protein aggregation? Part 2 — How to prevent protein aggregation via considerations for the manufacturing process and container selection Outsourced Pharma March, 2018
Is your biologic at risk for protein aggregation? Part 3 — Drug formulation Outsourced Pharma March, 2018
Fermentation optimization: using comparative statistics to enhance large-scale process productivity Pharmaceutical Online January, 2018
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Capitalize on your merger/acquisition: 4 tips to consolidate your CMO network BioPharma Dive April, 2017
Overcoming low endotoxin recovery BioPharm International December, 2016
Pfizer on CMOs: $180bn is at stake so being first-to-market is critical October, 2016
Parenteral advisory: outmoded fill-finish technology BioPharm International September, 2016
Making the correct outsourcing decisions BioProcess International September, 2016
Practical approaches to tech transfer and scale-up of lyophilization processes May, 2016
Container selection for biologic formulations April, 2016