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At Pfizer CentreOne, we make among the most difficult-to-produce steroids and hormones every day.

You can count on us to deliver you a high-quality molecule over the long term.

Short supply chain, reduced risk

Our manufacturing process is fully backward integrated, from plant sterols (on which the vast majority of our compounds are based) through final molecule. We ferment the early building blocks of steroids and hormones, which we convert to advanced intermediates and final APIs via proprietary organic synthesis routes. With nearly all steps in-house, your supply chain is condensed and your commercial supply, secure. We don’t rely on another company to provide us with advanced intermediates; we make them ourselves every day under Pfizer’s stringent quality system.*

Pfizer quality

Known for its quality, Pfizer continually invests in its facilities to keep technology, processes and talent top notch. And because our Kalamazoo site is inspected on an ongoing basis from regulatory authorities from around the globe, you can be confident that we remain on top of changing standards, and we have programs in place to exceed them whenever possible.

*Exception: nicergoline. Nicergoline is manufactured by a third-party supplier under Pfizer supervision using Pifzer’s process.