For the fill and finish of a sterile injectable, the choice of container closure system is key to the success of your drug product. 

Pfizer CentreOne offers customers various options for container closure systems and has knowledge of market requirements around the globe. We can help deliver the right solution for your sterile injectable product at launch and for the whole product lifecycle.

We can help you overcome container closure regulatory needs and technical challenges, including among others:

  • Interactions between the drug or container and/or its component 
  • Siliconization levels, which can threaten any of the medication’s quality attributes such as its potency, purity, or stability profile  
  • Glass delamination occurrence
  • Glass breakage or glide- and break-loose forces

Once the appropriate primary container has been selected, we can help with packaging design and multi-lingual secondary packaging and labeling, as well as serialization requirements around the world.

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System Type Size
Vials (for liquid or lyophilized products) 2 – 100 mL
Ampoules, aseptically filled or terminally sterilized 1 – 5 mL

Pre-filled syringes (glass)

0.5 – 5 mL

Glass cartridges

Onco-Tain™ vials: proprietary, shatter-resistant vials for hazardous drugs

iSecure™ pre-filled syringes*: proprietary syringes that help maintain product integrity, help prevent drug diversion through multiple levels of tamper evidence and are compatible with IV and intramuscular injection set


1.5 – 2.5 mL

2 – 100 mL

1 and 2.5 mL

2.5 – 5 mL

Delivery systems specifically designed for hospital and ambulatory drug administration  

*proprietary syringes that help maintain product integrity, drug diversion that are tamper evident, and are compatible with IV and intramuscular injection set